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4th World Congress of Environmental History: August, 2024

The conference theme is “Transitions, Transformations and Transdisciplinarity: Histories beyond History”, emphasizing both the arc of time and the importance of bringing diverse approaches to bear on contemporary problems. WCEH2024 will illuminate the value of historical understandings that go far beyond the discipline of history in treating environmental scholarship as an evolving practice, one that is created in conversation across multiple fields, concerns, and communities – and one that can help strategize the core challenges of transitions that lie ahead.

Date: August 18-23, 2024
Location: Finland

Panel Coordination

Patrick Roberts

Decol01: Exploring European colonial impacts on tropical land-use

Presentations by

Danielle Viegas

Tropical “lost cities”? Developmentalist policies and the narratives on the abandonment in the Brazilian Amazon along the 20th century. (Panel Cap02 Landscapes of Deindustrialization)

Freg Stokes

Rubber Reversals: The Violent History and Sustainable Potential of Latex-Producing Tropical Plants, 1850-2023. (Decol01: Exploring European colonial impacts on tropical land-use)

Laura Furquim

The occult face of Columbian Exchange: the European impact to traditional indigenous food ways and food security in the Brazilian Amazon. (Panel Land07 Transformations of Traditional Food Ways: Coloniality, Resistance and other Modes of Providing Sustenance

Patrick Roberts

The importance of thinking about tropical human land use in the context of the ‘Anthropocene’, past and present. (Decol01: Exploring European colonial impacts on tropical land-use

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